Below are briefly presented the various competitions in which the Brest players used to go.

Attention : Only registered players from the French Go Federation may participate in a tournament with federal classification.

Individual Championship France :
The tournament is divided into 4 towers to determine a champion of France and the champion of France – open. It is the first round in clubs, the second in the league, the third national, and the last round is the French representative for the Amateur World Championship.
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Master Lim Cup – France championship clubs :
This is a tournament team of four players from the same club, each club can contribute to several teams depending on the number of members. Leagues organize regional around from which only one team can emerge victorious, then national turn appoints the champions of France.
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Internal tournament :
Each club may hold its own tournament, permanent or annual, in conjunction with the national tournaments. The first stay internal, while the second is generally open to all, members and outsiders ; Both can be arranged under the control of the FFG.

External tournaments :

Marathon of Piriac : This is club Nantes Miai's tournament , its particularity is to provide 8 rounds during a weekend, either a game every 4 hours from 9am Saturday until 1pm Sunday.
Club Miai.

Rennes tournament : Organized by the club Rengo during a weekend, the main event 5 round is also accompanied by a blitz tournament and a tournament Go ghost.
Club Rengo.