We are on the server KGS Go Online. You can find us by following these directions :

Tab Rooms’ >> 'List of rooms’ >> 'Clubs’ >> 'Brest_Go_Club’

The contacts that you can contact :
– Modoki (Pierre-Antoine)
Kolibry (Jonathan)
– Breizhtoi (Louis-Gabriel)

DragonZakura Online

This friendly tournament organized by the Club Go Brest aims to promote the game of Go and meet regularly several players sharing the same passion as a Challenge.

We hope that this initiative will launch for a long series of events, The aim is to make a recurring challenge.

This year it is 8 Players will compete in a tournament innovative system to determine which of them will be the next “DragonZakura”

We hope that this event, where only the sharing and respect are at stake, will be a success and will delight participants!

All information is available here.

Salle KGS : 'Salles’ >> 'Between Friends’ >> 'DragonZakura Online’

Contact KGS : Modoki