Report Go tournament Ghost

The 10 November , after a dinner consisting mainly of pizza , of fanta , cakes and sweets brought by Romain ( or as Mr. President ) , Kevin ( Treasurer Tenuki ) , his companion Morgane , Pierre Antoine and his brother François and myself , held a small tournament Go Ghost in two brothers .

But what is this game ?

The principle of GB Ghost is the same as that of GB , however, a significant difference is present : we do not know the location of the opponent's stones since both players are back to back , and the referee says once a player has played , like that his opponent knows it's his turn , The arbitrator shall inform players if their shots are impossible , or if they put in atari ( and when the referee tells us that we got to capture one or more stones , he tells us that(s) and so we have the knowledge of 4 adverse stones on her own Goban ! )

Naturally , additional goban is necessary for referees to watch and warn of possible inability to play at a place , that is why the final , to play this game , needed :

  • 2 players who know the rules of Go
  • 1 referee ”lead” Part
  • 3 Gobans 9*9 as 3 Lots of stones

Tournament report

To start , we have 2 groups , in order to play two games simultaneously , and Group A was composed of Pierre Antoine , François et Kevin .

Group B , Romain , Morgane and I ( Louis ) .

  • 1is match : -Group A , The P-François contre : P-A wins 14,5 points – Group B , Roman against Morgane : Morgan wins abandonment
  • 2 EME match : – Group A , A P-fighting Kevin : Kevin gagne par abandon– Group B , Roman against me : I win by abandonment
  • 3 EME match : – Group A , François countering Kevin , Kevin gagne par abandon– Group B , Morgane against me , I win .... 2,5 points !

At this point of the tournament , it is almost midnight and everyone should go ...

The final between Kevin and me therefore held in ”closed session” , Friday ( 23 November ) La Cage Aux Trolls , during a session initiation Go , where very few new players were present unfortunately ...

The game was tight enough , since Kevin saves his biggest group that I had put in atari capturing me a stone ( I tried the same trick as against Roman ... ) , However, this strategy has failed , I have too many dead stones ( and prisoners ) , So I concede that part .

Kevin gagne par abandon , and therefore , becomes the winner of this tournament , well done to him !

Louis Girod

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