○●○ Petango ○●○

This is a fun variant playable without knowing the rules of Go, which combine address and dexterity !

Beginning of the game :

Two players
One Coban 19×19
White and black stones

But du jeu :

Must send its stones across the 10th line goban a flick.

How to play ?

The player asks a Black stone on the first line of the closest to him with a finger and goban, must throw the stone beyond the midline of the plate. The White player must do the same, and so on. When a player misses his shot, it gives a stone to his opponent :
– if the stone out of goban ;
– if the stone touches another stone present on the board, whatever color ;
– If the stone does not reach the other side of the center line in third test ;
Attention, all the stones on the board remain on the board, prisoners are given from the bowl !

End Game :

The player who captures the number of stones set wins (between 10 and 15 generally).