Basic Rules

○ ● ○ Game Rules Go ○ ● ○

The following rules are intended primarily for traditional parts such as those that can be found in tournament.

Equipment :

2 players
1 set of black stones and white stones
1 goban, which can be varied in dimension (9×9, 13×13 or 19×19)
1 clock (if tournament)

Know before you start the game :

Black always starts
The stones are placed on the intersections of goban, each intersection around the stone is a "freedom".
Stones can not be moved or removed.
The stones can be captured by the opponent, when all the freedoms of one or more stones were filled.
Noir 1 capture une pierre blanche après lui avoir ôté ses quatre libertés

But du jeu :

Having more free intersections that opponent (more points).

End Game :

The players pass ('I pass') when they have no shot to play.
When both players have passed one after the other, the game is over.
Players count the points of the opponent.

Scoring :

Free intersections of the territory of each player
Captured stones are prisoners.
Dead stones are removed from and added goban prisoners (stones that can not be saved by their owners).
White starts with a komi (compensation) of 7,5 points that Black has the advantage of the initiative.

The winner :

Whoever has the most points after counting.
● In case of withdrawal of opponent.
Upon expiration of the time clock of the opponent.
The winner is presented to the arbitrator and gives the result.

Various :

En France, Komi is the official 7,5 points.
The clock time is flexible. For part 19×19, it usually varies between 45 and 1:30 min per player.
○ The main horloge a fixed time, and an elapsed time elapsed thereof, a trick au BIO-yomi (Blitz see section below)

○ ● ○ variants of Go ○ ● ○

Rengo :

This is one part per team. Each team consists of two players most of the time. Before you start the game, we decide the order of play : Black1 > White1 > Noir2 > Blanc2.
It is forbidden :
– change the order of play.
– talking to his partner, except to ask him to go faster or wishes to abandon.

Pair Go :

This is a mixed Rengo, Each team must be composed before a man and a woman. The ladies are always the first to play before men.

Go unicolore :

It is a game in which both players take each stone of the same color. This can play 9×9, 13×13, and 19×19 for the more adventurous.

Blitz :

This is a quick game where the clock becomes very important because it sets up a climate of tension. There may be several types of games Blitz :
– Sudden Death : a time 10 min or less is given to each player.
– BIO-yomi rule japonaise : each player has X seconds to play a stone. After each shot, the clock is reset to X seconds.
– Canadian Byo-yomi rule : each player must place 15 pierres in 5 my. After the 15ème pierre, the clock is reset to 5 my.

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