Initiation games

In this section, you will find the educational aspect of the club Go Brest tries to practice with novice players and visitors. You can get inspired to learn Go to people you know. These games initiation are essentially implemented on gobans 9×9, but may equally well be played on larger plates. The goal here is to follow the order of initiations provided below to create awareness of the interests of the game of Go in the novice person. It is recommended that several parts of a game before moving to the next, to master the basic concepts.

○●○ Atari Go ○●○

Beginning of the game :

Two white stones and two black stones are placed at the center of goban in a form of "Cross-cut". Black starts playing.

But du jeu :

Must capture enemy stones. The first player to reach the number of stones set in advance wins, this number may also vary (1, 2, 5, 10…) to prolong the game. It usually starts with 1 Pierre Capturer, and once that happens the insider identify stones in atari, you can go to 3 stones.
To help find the atari, it is enough that both players say every time “atari” at the time of one or more stones in atari, otherwise they must give a stone to the opponent for each missed atari.

End Game :

The player who captures at least the number of stones set wins.

Know :

When Black plays on the final freedom of the white stone, it captures it. After that, White has no right to ask the black stone in form, car elle n'a pas de liberté, this is considered to be a suicide.

○●○ Go sur 9×9 ○●○

Initiated when the player begins to master the capture, can then teach him to play a normal part 9×9, in which he must possess the largest territory to win the game. The goal is not to crush but to be novice teacher, it may be advantageous to leave a gap 10 points (we win or we lose) have final score, So leave voluntarily live some weak groups formed by the new initiate. Once some forms and controls are acquired, it is no longer necessary to keep the limit of 10 points, which may eventually lead to significant losses of new player. A ce moment-là, must provide parties to handicap 2 to 8 stones to balance levels. Each victory novice, must be removed 1 stone, and defeat each add one, it helps to encourage it to grow to become stronger.

> The starting player takes the black
> Play in ensuring not to exceed 10 points difference
> Play with handicap stones
> le Komi est of 0,5 for White

○●○ Rengo ○●○

Once the insider familiar with the game, and in order to advance, it can be useful and fun to propose a party of 9×9 team against 2 other players. It is obviously easier to find players in a club, but above levels. Thus, put in each team an experienced player and a new player will, both the first adjust its strategy and its partner, and second to memorize certain sequences or answers played on both sides.
To improve the educational aspect, as in the normal rules, will be asked not to talk with his partner : beginner must learn only from mistakes. Comment party could possibly be given at the end of the game.

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