Go game

● 围棋 ○ Wéiqí ● 囲碁 ○ Igo ● 바둑 ○ Baduk ●

Goban (Board game)

The game of Go originated in China. It is the most ancient game of strategy abstract combinatorial. According to legend, it would have appeared there over 4000 years.

It pits two players who place turns on the intersections of goban (board game grid) white and black in order to build and control stones, thereon, the largest territory.

Despite its age, the game of go is very popular in Asia. In the world, where his recently discovered, its reputation is growing.

The simplicity of its rules, its great combinatorial richness and depth make strategic success. Although its simplicity makes it accessible from an early age, a lifetime is not enough to master this art still remains a great mystery for artificial intelligence ...

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