As part of a raffle organized by the Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne (bank our club), I suggest you buy and / or distribute raffle tickets around you.
The association order books at a discount and gives its members, who will be responsible for selling tickets. This action will raise the cash to the association and to organize a tournament worthy of Brest next summer.

The selling price of a ticket is 1,5 euros (whose 1,25 euros will be donated to the club, 0,10 USD used for the production of the ticket, and 0,15 euros will be donated to the Regional Employment Challenge, solidarity and sustainable development in Britain). There 10 tickets dance 1 book, whether 15 euros Book.

The raffle offers many prizes to win :
– 8 Citroen C1 cars, 12 traveling, 12 digital camcorders, 226 gift boxes, 226 Nespresso, 400 wine sets, 400 household laguiole, 400 Cases tools, 400 Thermoses, 1400 electric kettles.

To order one or more books, contact me at : brest.tenuki @ hotmail.fr before 8 December 2012.
To purchase tickets, you can contact me at the same address before 16 March 2013.

Books and tickets can be collected from me at Tir Na N'og (21 rue de Siam) Wednesday and Saturday from 15:30, between 26 January 2013 and 16 March 2013.

Tous les tickets (remplis your name) and the money raised will be returned to the place myself and usual hours of appointment Club.

Be likely to participate !

M. Treasurer

Courses for beginners

Now that the fall in full swing, Club Brest offers courses for beginners at its weekly meetings on Wednesday and Saturday. It will be proposed a theoretical / practical part of the course and exercises during 30 to 60 minutes in early trading (books will be available), then a free game part 9×9, 13×13 and 19×19.

Will be addressed the following topics at the request :
– The josekis (the base sequences namely imperative)
– The fuseki (start a party)
– The yosé (well end part)
– The tsumegos (problems of life and death)
– The forms (charm, tesuji, semeai, connections, shimari…)

Saturday 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. : courses provided by Kevin and Pierre-Antoine
Wednesday 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. : courses provided by Kevin and Romain

M. Treasurer

Go equipment for sale at low prices !

I inform you that the French Go Federation sells equipment Go clubs (only), if you want to buy cheap, you can order from the club Brest by sending an email to : brest.tenuki @ hotmail.fr

Here is the list of proposed equipment :

– goban 19×19 plywood >> 16 euros each
– goban 9×9 13×13 plywood >> 20 euros 5
– goban 9×9 flexible cardboard >> 5 euros 10
– goban 13×13 flexible cardboard >> 10 euros 10
– goban 9×9 magnetic 48x48cm >> 50 euros each

– games black and white stones 5mm >> 10 euros each (edited)

– electronic clock >> 25 euros each

– leaflets FFG >> Free x100
– introduction au Go 16p >> 2 euros 7
– Rules Go A3 >> 5 euros 50
– the teacher's book 36p >> 1 euro unit
– the student book 48p >> 5 euros each
– Asia and the game of Go 16p (Children) >> 15 euros 10

Bulk orders are possible within the limits of available stocks ;
Tenuki handles adjust shipping ;
you can buy less than the number specified in the batch list.

The payment is made in advance with me, thank you.

M. Treasurer

Price increase

A March 2012 held the annual general meeting of the French Go Federation, and several elements concerning the licensing prices and French Review Go to remember are :

“RFG : Proposal for a new system of licenses and prices
The magazine will be distributed to all licensees in downloadable PDF format and it will be possible to have a paper version at an additional cost of € 13.
The rate of federal licenses evolves as follows :

Adults : 30€ (increase of € 5)
Students / unemployed : 15€ (increase of € 5)
Youth : 10€ (unchanged)

The proposed new system (with the price of licenses 2013) is adopted by 90 votes, 9 and against 23 abstentions.”

From the back, the new rates will apply ; and I remember that on February 1, an increase is effective for licensing tariffs, so try to renew your license with Roman or me before this date. Note : the increase does not apply to first licenses.

For more information on the general meeting 2012 of the FFG, click here.

M. Treasurer