Appointments Spring

To celebrate the arrival of Spring in Brest, MPT Pen ar Créac'h and other MPT around the Place de Strasbourg organized a week events open to the public. Many events will be presented on this occasion.

The Brest Go club Tenuki, partner of the MPT, was naturally invited to provide an introduction to loops instead of Strasbourg on Saturday 22 March 2014. The stand will be manned by members of the club from 14h to 18h, and open to all, big and small.

Come !

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Go Animation in Landerneau

Sunday 26 January, Home of the French cities of Landerneau invited us to make discover the Go game to world's games fans. The afternoon initiation was very friendly : Morgane, Florian and I were able to share our passion to ten people, intrigued by this game “complicated” or wishing to rediscover the game that brightened their youth. A snack was served in a very relaxed atmosphere, and novices could express their thanks for having spent a very pleasant afternoon with us. Finally, our host, Marie-Agnès, invited us to participate in another activity Sunday 6 April, a 4.500 years old game and native from Mesopotamia. We hope to extend this cooperation shortly through new animations !

M. President


Balance Festival of World Games 2013

Continuing to promote it on Brest, Go Club Tenuki participated in the 8th edition of the Festival of World Games, organized by the recreation department of the Navy. This huge event brought together hundreds of different games presented by various associations (Dézépions, Ludik Addict, Games History Ponant…) and attracted over 8.000 visitors ! Front wooden games, old games, strategy games, Skill games, card games and so on, whole families come together to enjoy moments of sharing such that in fact more (or at least not enough).

Welcomed by the new organizing team, Tenuki saw attributing a beautiful location, conducive to initiations as the entrance to the room Surcouf (remember last year, the stand was on the staircase, put back compared to the rest) and in front of his partner Ludik Addict. On the weekend of 16 and 17 November, about 200 people have been initiated in the game of Go, with as many children and adolescents as parents and grandparents. Read flyers, who spun like hotcakes, and a general feeling of satisfaction from visitors suggests that new members will join shortly to Brest Go community .

As for the organization of the festival, it was well done by the new Director. Exhibitors were invited to share lunch together, donated by the Navy; and the icing on the cake, an evening crêpes and pancakes waiting for Saturday night, en compagnie de charmantes crêpières dont le talent n’avait d’égal que l’appétit de Morgane 😉 .

Finally, Festival of World Games was a great crowd warm bath in which some have discovered the venerable game of Go. For those who missed their particular initiation, no worries, our location is already booked for next year !

I thank François, Matthieu, Morgane, Louis, Louis-Gabriel, Pierre-Antoine and Romain for their presence and any investment during this event.

M. President


Festival of World Games

As every year takes place the Festival of World Games organized by leisure service the Navy Foyer du Marin (13 rue Yves Collet). Hundreds of exhibitors come to reveal to the public the traditional or new games, wood or with cards…All they focussed ! Go stand will be naturally present.

Programme :
Saturday 16/11 : public reception 10h-18h
Sunday 17/11 : public reception 10h-18h

Members present :
Saturday : Morgane, Matthieu, Pierre-Antoine, François ;
Kevin (12h-18h), Louis-Gabriel (14h-18h), Louis (16h30-18h)
Sunday : Kevin, Matthieu, Romain, Louis ;
Morgane (10h-13h),
Louis-Gabriel (14h30-18h), Pierre-Antoine (14h30-18h), François (14h30-18h)

Bilan Brest Japan Festival 2013

For the second consecutive year, Club Go Brest Tenuki had the pleasure to take part in a major event around Japan Brest : le Brest Japan Festival ! First, the japanese activities could open their doors in the morning, Go and stand was open from 10h to 17h Saturday 19 October. Against all odds, the tide of visitors began in 10:05 !

Morgane, Matthieu, Laurent and François were present during the morning to welcome interested, with little time to take pictures. Kevin arrived around noon to assist, setting up a slideshow with photos of the club to host the stand. MPT offered participants a sandwich garnish yourself, which was a most welcome initiative !

During the afternoon, the number of visitors has dramatically exploded, leaving almost no room and no air in the exhibition outside the living space Tenuki. Pierre-Antoine, Louis-Gabriel, Tiphaine and Louis arrived later to help, which was not of refusal before the flood of novice wishing to discover or learn more about the game of Go. Anecdote of a player who taught Kevin atari-Go : “Atari, atari, atari… You'll see if you still laugh just now !” :)

At the end of the day, accounts have been made : nearly a hundred people came to the booth (about 750 entries recorded at MPT), enough photos have been taken over the past year, and Kevin has nabbed a loss of voice ! Very good result 2013, we expect new members soon ! Next appointment : Festival of World Games.

Photos you stand the Go

Brest Japan Festival

Go club Brest is emerging from the most important event of the year that has happened here is the Japan Festival Brest, key contributor to the Japanese promotion on Brest. Go stand will be held by members within the MPT which hosts other activities and associations japanese : cosplay, Aikido, studio manga, origami, tea ceremony… Initiations for novices will be offered 9×9, insiders can play on 13×13, and a presentation of the game of Go in its historical and cultural context may be made at the request. This strategy game is for children and adults, So do not hesitate to come see us !

Where : MPT Harteloire, 39 Avenue Georges Clemenceau (100m below the Varsity Letters), Room 22
When : Saturday 19 October, 10h-17h non-stop

Here are welcoming the public members on the stand :
Morning (9h-12h) : Morgane, Matthieu
Afternoon (12h-17h) : Morgane, Matthieu, Kevin, Tiphaine

Come !

Introduction to MPT Harteloire

Following the Japan Festival Brest, Tenuki has maintained contact with the leadership of the House for all Harteloire. MPT which was held on Friday 30 November and the first meeting of discovery around the game of Go.

This presentation was, this time, an audience of young children exclusively (end of primary classes), it was assured by Kevin Cuello and Pierre-Antoine Gueguen, to each occupant of a group of 6 children (3 parties 9×9/ Atarigo).

After a brief introduction but properly capturing stones, our young students clashed in parts of Atarigo, quickly took some shots of the hand, to the great satisfaction of our two professors !

After 1 hour of learning, Small returned home and we were able to account for the success of our service, so Tenuki began to repeat this monthly activity, a management response to the MPT should follow in the coming days. Who knows, may be there was there small Tenukiens future champions ? :)

Gueguen, Pierre-Antoine

Balance Festival World Games 2012

Durant du le weekend 10 and 11 November 2012, Go club has participated in the festival of world games organized by the recreation department of the Navy. This 7th organized masterfully by director edition, Major Eucheloup, has seen hundreds pass, even thousands, visitors including parents accompanying their children, groups of teenagers, but also retired people wishing to discover traditional wooden games, far from the gaming madness of the early 21th century.

Alongside this success back to the source of family entertainment, Tenuki has had its stand that, although located outside the crossing points, will be able to find an enthusiastic audience happy to indulge in the game of Go. On these 2 days, nearly a hundred people, often families, had the opportunity to "hit" the goban at atari-Go sessions 9×9. Some children have also shown very early in the understanding of the activity, and had the opportunity to beat their parents or siblings in a friendly and family. A the fin two festival, All leaflets FFG and ¾ flyers promoting Tenuki were taken, This shows the interest of visitors to the Go, we even asked how to buy equipment ! Future members ? We hope :) .

All members who participated in the initiations withdrew a good feeling of the festival, I thank Pierre-Antoine, Romain, Jonathan, Morgane, Tiphaine, Louis and their presence on the stand throughout the weekend. I also thank the director of the event for inviting us to the festival and we have offered lunches.

I hope to repeat this experience next year already and invites you to 8th edition to navigate the Go club !

Here are the photos of the festival : here.

M. Treasurer

Festival of World Games – 10 and 11 November

For the first time this year, Club Go Tenuki participate in the festival world games organized by the recreation department of the Navy. The weekend will be devoted to the presentation of traditional games to the general public, and among this large and diverse, the game of Go will place. The festival will take place in the room Surcouf, within the confines of the military 13 rue Yves Collet.

Here is our schedule Home :

Saturday 10 November
– De 10h à 18h
– Members ensuring permanence : Kevin, Pierre-Antoine, Jonathan, Tiphaine

Sunday 11 November
– De 10h à 18h
– Members ensuring permanence : Kevin, Romain, Morgane

Come !

Bilan Brest Japan Festival 2012

Here is the report of the Club participated in Go to the 4th edition of the Japan Festival Brest (8 – 13 October) the 10 and 13 October.

Over the entire duration of the event, are 542 who attended and participated in the various activities offered by the MPT and associations around Japan.

On the Go club :

Wednesday 10 : Initiations and presentation of the game of Go for children MPT _ 2:30 p.m. – 17h30 _ Romain et Kevin

At the base, it was expected that we 2 group 10 children, one hour per group, then 1 group bringing together those who wanted during the last hour. Unfortunately, everything has not gone as well as on the provisional schedule.

The first hour was devoted to exploring the game of Go, through a powerpoint broadcast on television room on the history and culture of the world Go, and associate a practice through the atari-Go, little game to become familiar with the capture stones. The last time was to explore this discovery further with the game in its practical part and initiating children to parties “traditional” on gobans 9×9.

The first group was composed of only 5 children and one facilitator, who are much interested in the business as and when we were presenting their. They were very eager to participate in the second part.
The second hour, we have received no group of children… Fortunately, some unsuspecting visitors (external to the MPT) infiltrated our room, suddenly we took advantage of to make their initiations, which really enjoyed.
The last hour…person… A facilitator told us that all the children had gone, it remained for us to pack up.

Saturday 13 : Go to initiations _ 14h visitors – 17h30 _ Kevin, Pierre-Antoine and Alice

At the base (again concerns, ralala), we must be 5 Facilitators, but we did our best with our limited number.

The purpose of this afternoon was to introduce more people to the game of Go, in the framework of the promotion of this activity in Brest. We were not disappointed. We 3 with 8 gobans 9×9, to provide introductions to 13 people at once, and 14:15 until 17:30, there was 2 players per goban, excluding many observers, intrigued by the rules of our activity.

A Birds Eye View, about a hundred people passed by our booth, a good half have participated in initiations.

Balance sheet :
It was a really good experience. A repeat :)

M. Treasurer