Balance Festival of World Games 2013

Continuing to promote it on Brest, Go Club Tenuki participated in the 8th edition of the Festival of World Games, organized by the recreation department of the Navy. This huge event brought together hundreds of different games presented by various associations (Dézépions, Ludik Addict, Games History Ponant…) and attracted over 8.000 visitors ! Front wooden games, old games, strategy games, Skill games, card games and so on, whole families come together to enjoy moments of sharing such that in fact more (or at least not enough).

Welcomed by the new organizing team, Tenuki saw attributing a beautiful location, conducive to initiations as the entrance to the room Surcouf (remember last year, the stand was on the staircase, put back compared to the rest) and in front of his partner Ludik Addict. On the weekend of 16 and 17 November, about 200 people have been initiated in the game of Go, with as many children and adolescents as parents and grandparents. Read flyers, who spun like hotcakes, and a general feeling of satisfaction from visitors suggests that new members will join shortly to Brest Go community .

As for the organization of the festival, it was well done by the new Director. Exhibitors were invited to share lunch together, donated by the Navy; and the icing on the cake, an evening crêpes and pancakes waiting for Saturday night, en compagnie de charmantes crêpières dont le talent n’avait d’égal que l’appétit de Morgane 😉 .

Finally, Festival of World Games was a great crowd warm bath in which some have discovered the venerable game of Go. For those who missed their particular initiation, no worries, our location is already booked for next year !

I thank François, Matthieu, Morgane, Louis, Louis-Gabriel, Pierre-Antoine and Romain for their presence and any investment during this event.

M. President


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