DragonZakura 2013


For the third consecutive year, Club Brest soon organize a friendly tournament on KGS.

This initiative is intended moose operation and is intended for kyu players (single digit – de 9k à 1k). The objective is to move in a different context is the same competition if only the honor to be the key =)

This year the system adopted will be the Tripple Knock Out (Balanced Tripple Elimination). Competitors will therefore be insured to participate in at least 3 round before being removed. The parties are likely to play to handicap -1 (based on the rank KGS). The number of participants will be 8 ranked players with a solid row between 1k and 9k. At each round, some will be selected and commented by Matthew.

Entries will of course reserved for players Brest priority. We hope that many of you can participate. They will be available as soon as the official announcement of the tournament has been published.


P.S.: Feel free to use the comments to any requests for additional information.

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