General Assembly 2012

To conclude this successful year, Go Tenuki Club organized this 15 December's AGM pub Tír na og do, thus 12 of our members came together to discuss the achievements of the year ended, for the election of new officers as well as a comprehensive plan for the year 2013.

For a little over an hour we traced the year 2012, we talked about tournaments (Marathon du Go, Team tournament, Rennes tournament ) where, in most of the time, our members have not missed much represent their club by more than satisfactory results (Marathon and Rennes) ; cultural and associative events (Brest Japan Festival, Games Festival World, House for Harteloire) during which we collected new members, but also, foremost, where we were able to significantly participate in the promotion of this game that we love so much.

Thereafter, Overrun of the 'power’ took place between the old and the new Bureau, which gives us now :

  • Mr Kevin Cuello to the Presidency.
  • Mr Pierre-Antoine Gueguen the Vice-Presidency.
  • Miss Morgane Bourny the Treasury.
  • Mr Jonathan Schaeffer s Secretariat.

And finally we have glimpsed the map 2013, first domestic tournament should be held as 3 February Foyer Lay of St Mark ! The club will also travel to all cultural events and associations to promote the game and the club and we will go (more before it is hoped) the various tournaments offered by the club and the French Go Federation (1first round and 2nd round of the championship of France, Mans tournament, Marathon of Go, and many more ! … )

After a lengthy discussion, the incoming President, Kevin, announced the end of the general meeting and thanked us for being there so many around for some hot chocolate, or a refreshing beer for other !

We thank all members of the club for this good year 2012 spent together, happy holidays to all and see you soon ! :)

Mr Vice-President,
Gueguen, Pierre-Antoine.

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