New year 2014

Hello to all,

Tenuki's members and I wish a happy new year 2014 to all Go players, in Brest and elsewhere !

This season 2014 starts strong with the second edition of the tournament 'Brest même’ organized by the Brest Go club , Sunday 19 January. Indeed, the theme of the day will be “Go and cakes”, to share together the King cake, homemade by the Treasurer.

We invite you to come to play and eat with us at the MPT Pen ar Créac'h ! Tournament Info

Soon !

M. President

Balance Festival of World Games 2013

Continuing to promote it on Brest, Go Club Tenuki participated in the 8th edition of the Festival of World Games, organized by the recreation department of the Navy. This huge event brought together hundreds of different games presented by various associations (Dézépions, Ludik Addict, Games History Ponant…) and attracted over 8.000 visitors ! Front wooden games, old games, strategy games, Skill games, card games and so on, whole families come together to enjoy moments of sharing such that in fact more (or at least not enough).

Welcomed by the new organizing team, Tenuki saw attributing a beautiful location, conducive to initiations as the entrance to the room Surcouf (remember last year, the stand was on the staircase, put back compared to the rest) and in front of his partner Ludik Addict. On the weekend of 16 and 17 November, about 200 people have been initiated in the game of Go, with as many children and adolescents as parents and grandparents. Read flyers, who spun like hotcakes, and a general feeling of satisfaction from visitors suggests that new members will join shortly to Brest Go community .

As for the organization of the festival, it was well done by the new Director. Exhibitors were invited to share lunch together, donated by the Navy; and the icing on the cake, an evening crêpes and pancakes waiting for Saturday night, en compagnie de charmantes crêpières dont le talent n’avait d’égal que l’appétit de Morgane 😉 .

Finally, Festival of World Games was a great crowd warm bath in which some have discovered the venerable game of Go. For those who missed their particular initiation, no worries, our location is already booked for next year !

I thank François, Matthieu, Morgane, Louis, Louis-Gabriel, Pierre-Antoine and Romain for their presence and any investment during this event.

M. President


Rennes tournament 2013

This is the first time that Brest was so strongly represented at an outdoor event in Brest, one effet, after the club who greeted us, it is the compound that was our biggest strength, of 7 players (6 participants + 1 accompanying).

Ce weekend, which was a feast around the go, went very well and was a good experience for Jonathan and Louis who participated for the first time to an external event !

If we take into account the results, Brest stands out for its beautiful collective performance with a score of 21 victories of 34 parties, almost 2 third ! :)

In terms of individual results :

Pierre-Antoine Gueguen : 5 on 6 ; Jonathan Fournier : 4 on 4 ; Kevin Cuello : 3 on 6 ; Louis-Gabriel Guéguen : 3 on 6 ; Roman Gloaguen : 3 on 6 ; François Gueguen : 3/6.

Held parallel to the Blitz tournament, tournament all Brestois players took part pleasure. Each of us were separated in different hens and after fierce fighting, Louis-Gabriel and Pierre-Antoine Gueguen qualified for the 8th finals ! (LG removed eighth, PA eliminated in semifinals)

On Saturday also held the tournament go ghost awaited, but the organization has led to what the players still standing in the evening and were willing to be skilled players.

see also :

DragonZakura 2013


For the third consecutive year, Club Brest soon organize a friendly tournament on KGS.

This initiative is intended moose operation and is intended for kyu players (single digit – de 9k à 1k). The objective is to move in a different context is the same competition if only the honor to be the key =)

This year the system adopted will be the Tripple Knock Out (Balanced Tripple Elimination). Competitors will therefore be insured to participate in at least 3 round before being removed. The parties are likely to play to handicap -1 (based on the rank KGS). The number of participants will be 8 ranked players with a solid row between 1k and 9k. At each round, some will be selected and commented by Matthew.

Entries will of course reserved for players Brest priority. We hope that many of you can participate. They will be available as soon as the official announcement of the tournament has been published.


P.S.: Feel free to use the comments to any requests for additional information.

All about

Festival of World Games

As every year takes place the Festival of World Games organized by leisure service the Navy Foyer du Marin (13 rue Yves Collet). Hundreds of exhibitors come to reveal to the public the traditional or new games, wood or with cards…All they focussed ! Go stand will be naturally present.

Programme :
Saturday 16/11 : public reception 10h-18h
Sunday 17/11 : public reception 10h-18h

Members present :
Saturday : Morgane, Matthieu, Pierre-Antoine, François ;
Kevin (12h-18h), Louis-Gabriel (14h-18h), Louis (16h30-18h)
Sunday : Kevin, Matthieu, Romain, Louis ;
Morgane (10h-13h),
Louis-Gabriel (14h30-18h), Pierre-Antoine (14h30-18h), François (14h30-18h)

1first edition of the "Tournament of end of the world"

After no less than fifteen years of our outstanding club was finally able to hold its own tournament Go, this is a great step forward for the club confirming that it is now stable and composed of motivated people to do live !
This event entitled <<At world's end tournament >> took place in the center of Keraudren in Brest 12 and 13 October, we had the joy of welcoming a dozen people from Britain and a dozen members of Tenuki, whom we thank for their presence. :)
After doing some knowledge and other knowledge found themselves during the picnic Saturday, the tournament was officially begin and the players went on a roll of four parts spread over two days.
We have also had the opportunity to organize a small tournament Rengo (13 x 13) Saturday evening and we denote the victory of Lothar accompanied by Lucie (Lannion) !
To conclude this first edition, held the awards ceremony to congratulate the best competitors. Congratulations Jonathan Fournier for his beautiful performance of four wins out of four parts !
Before leaving, players from different clubs have thanked us for the stay and enjoyed the tournament ! This makes us so excited to do even better next year !!

Bilan Brest Japan Festival 2013

For the second consecutive year, Club Go Brest Tenuki had the pleasure to take part in a major event around Japan Brest : le Brest Japan Festival ! First, the japanese activities could open their doors in the morning, Go and stand was open from 10h to 17h Saturday 19 October. Against all odds, the tide of visitors began in 10:05 !

Morgane, Matthieu, Laurent and François were present during the morning to welcome interested, with little time to take pictures. Kevin arrived around noon to assist, setting up a slideshow with photos of the club to host the stand. MPT offered participants a sandwich garnish yourself, which was a most welcome initiative !

During the afternoon, the number of visitors has dramatically exploded, leaving almost no room and no air in the exhibition outside the living space Tenuki. Pierre-Antoine, Louis-Gabriel, Tiphaine and Louis arrived later to help, which was not of refusal before the flood of novice wishing to discover or learn more about the game of Go. Anecdote of a player who taught Kevin atari-Go : “Atari, atari, atari… You'll see if you still laugh just now !” :)

At the end of the day, accounts have been made : nearly a hundred people came to the booth (about 750 entries recorded at MPT), enough photos have been taken over the past year, and Kevin has nabbed a loss of voice ! Very good result 2013, we expect new members soon ! Next appointment : Festival of World Games.

Photos you stand the Go

Brest Japan Festival

Go club Brest is emerging from the most important event of the year that has happened here is the Japan Festival Brest, key contributor to the Japanese promotion on Brest. Go stand will be held by members within the MPT which hosts other activities and associations japanese : cosplay, Aikido, studio manga, origami, tea ceremony… Initiations for novices will be offered 9×9, insiders can play on 13×13, and a presentation of the game of Go in its historical and cultural context may be made at the request. This strategy game is for children and adults, So do not hesitate to come see us !

Where : MPT Harteloire, 39 Avenue Georges Clemenceau (100m below the Varsity Letters), Room 22
When : Saturday 19 October, 10h-17h non-stop

Here are welcoming the public members on the stand :
Morning (9h-12h) : Morgane, Matthieu
Afternoon (12h-17h) : Morgane, Matthieu, Kevin, Tiphaine

Come !