Assemblée Générale du 7 October 2016 – Compte rendu


Agenda :

  1. Etat des lieux des membres présents
  2. Séances pour l’année 2016
  3. Etat des finances du club
  4. Régularisation des licences pour 2015/2016
  5. Election du bureau
  6. Mailing liste/ site web/ autre moyen de communication numérique
  7. Participation aux tournois de l’année 2016

1) Etat des lieux des membres présents

  • COME Théo
  • DAMOUR Eugène
  • FOURNIER Jonathan
  • GERARD David
  • GEROLD Pierre
  • GUEGUEN Pierre-Antoine
  • GUERN Pierre-Yves

2) Séances pour l’année 2016

  1. Séance du vendredi à 20h à la MPT. est maintenue.
  2. Un vote sera bientôt communiqué pour une nouvelle séance, le mardi ou le mercredi au : 
  • Au Beaj caf (le mercredi seulement).
  • Au Tir Na N’og.
  • Au Pub The Dubliners.
  • At the MPT also,fr.

3) Etat des finances du club

Le club Tenuki doit et peu assumer les frais de la salle à la MPT (17 rue Professeur Chrétien, Brest) pour l’année précédente et celle en cours.

La cotisation est maintenue à 15€ pour l’année (1 September 2016 – 31 August 2017).

4) Régularisation des licences pour 2015/2016

La question des prises de licences vous sera bientôt exposée.

Vous pouvez trouver les tarifs pour l’année 2016-2017 (valable jusque fin 2017) en suivant le lien ci-dessous :

5) Election du bureau

Un nouveau bureau a vu le jour :

  • President : Jonathan Fournier.
  • Vice-president (chargé de communication) : Pierre-Antoine Gueguen.
  • Treasurer : Pierre Gérold.
  • Secretary : Pierre-Yves Guern.

Tous ont été élus à l’unanimité.

6) Mailing liste/ site web/ autre moyen de communication numérique

Votre bureau cherche un nouveau moyen pour communiquer plus facilement au sein de votre club, des pistes sont à suivre (Forum, What’s App…) mais nous sommes bien évidemment ouverts à toute proposition !

7) Participation aux tournois de l’année 2016

Pour n’évoquer que les Tournoi de Rennes en mai 2017 ou le Marathon de Piriac en Juin 2017.

Les autres tournois seront signalés par votre club et sont disponibles à l’adresse suivante :

Le club de go démarre ainsi une nouvelle saison, qu’elle lui soit belle,

Longue vie à Tenuki !

Gueguen, Pierre-Antoine

Passing of the torch


Friday 12 September was held the & rsquo; club general meeting.

After 5 spent in the club as a member years, whose 4 as secretary, Treasurer and President, the time has come for me to hand over to.

The newly elected Board is composed as :

President : Pierre-Antoine Gueguen
Vice-president : Louis Girod
Treasurer : Roman Gloaguen
Secretary : Matthieu le Hir

Administrators : François Gueguen and Jonathan Fournier

I wish good luck and good luck to the new team, and especially, long live Tenuki !

M. l & rsquo; Ex-President

A new start for Brest

Following the & rsquo; s general meeting that & rsquo; held this Friday 7 October, a new office was established :

  • President : Jonathan Fournier.
  • Vice President of Communications : Pierre-Antoine Gueguen.
  • Treasurer: Pierre Gérold.
  • Secretary : Pierre-Yves Guern.

All wish good luck to the new management team, and the go club knows a good year !

Gueguen, Pierre-Antoine.

Master Lim Cup 2014

The club Brest, first, managed to field a full team to get the first round of the championship of France clubs ! Best of, we loaned a player to another team complete !

Pierre-Antoine (2k), Kevin (5k), François (12k) and Lothar (12k) were in the & rsquo; core team while Sacha (18k) completed the & rsquo; team Lorient 2. Brest has unfortunately made a small record against opponents : Rennes 2 (1-3), Lorient 2 (2-2), Lannion (1-3), between Nantes and Friends (2-2).

So disappointment, but welcome the score by Lothar who made 3/4.


M. President

Return 2014/2015

The school holidays are over and a new season begins in joy and happiness.

To get back in the bath, here is the schedule for the return of the Go club Brest, to regulars and new.

6 and 7 September : Master Lim Cup Pirial sea, regional team tournament.

12 September : Annual General Meeting in 20h, MPT Pen Ar Creach.

19 September : Recovery sessions Go to 20h and welcoming new, MPT Pen Ar Creach.

J & rsquo; hope to see you in September. The club Brest is on the upward slope so enjoy it !

M. President

1first round of the championship of France Individual 2014

Like all spring, each club must select players who can best represent their city for the second round in the league along.

With this year 10 participants dismissed the FFG, Club Brest could finally send 2 representatives from the qualifications, the tournament was held and two Saturday night (2×2 rounds).

Finally, both players have excelled are Matthew Le Hir (3k FFG), unbeaten, and Pierre-Antoine Gueguen (4k FFG) which is his only defeat to Matthew.

Photos are available in the Photos tab => Tournaments => 2014 (here).

Here follow later parts of this 1st round commentary by Matthew.

Gueguen stone-Antoine.


Appointments Spring

To celebrate the arrival of Spring in Brest, MPT Pen ar Créac'h and other MPT around the Place de Strasbourg organized a week events open to the public. Many events will be presented on this occasion.

The Brest Go club Tenuki, partner of the MPT, was naturally invited to provide an introduction to loops instead of Strasbourg on Saturday 22 March 2014. The stand will be manned by members of the club from 14h to 18h, and open to all, big and small.

Come !

Edit : event photos




Tournament 'Brest même’ 2014 – The games

Here are some games that we followed during the tournament 'Brest même’ Sunday 19 January 2014.

Round 1 – table 1 : Zhongwei (3d) vs Lucie (2k)

Round 2 – table 1 : Zhongwei (3d) vs Maxime (2k)

Round 2 – table 2 : Lucie (2k) vs Romain (8k)

Round 3 – table 1 : Zhongwei (3d) vs Christophe (4k)

Round 3 – table 2 : Maxime (2k) vs Romain (8k)

Brest même tournament 2014

Brest Go club, early this year, organized for the second time a domestic tournament. However, a small change operated with the previous version, indeed close clubs (Lannion and Concarneau) were invited to the party of go.

This Sunday January 19 morning, after welcoming players from clubs invited, the tournament could start for 10 participants ! In the end there was none to win everything but nobody has either experienced the misfortune of losing all. :)

In a friendly atmosphere, players gathered to share together the taste of delicious Kings' galettes prepared by the absent of the day, Morgane.

Following the awards ceremony, players have thanked us for the stay and were able to hit the road. We are very confident about upcoming events that we would have to organize ! :)

Gueguen, Pierre-Antoine.

Results FFG
Rated games

Go Animation in Landerneau

Sunday 26 January, Home of the French cities of Landerneau invited us to make discover the Go game to world's games fans. The afternoon initiation was very friendly : Morgane, Florian and I were able to share our passion to ten people, intrigued by this game “complicated” or wishing to rediscover the game that brightened their youth. A snack was served in a very relaxed atmosphere, and novices could express their thanks for having spent a very pleasant afternoon with us. Finally, our host, Marie-Agnès, invited us to participate in another activity Sunday 6 April, a 4.500 years old game and native from Mesopotamia. We hope to extend this cooperation shortly through new animations !

M. President